Coral Reef

“Judy was unbelievable to our family.  She helped us have a better relationship with our granddaughter and steered us in the right direction to get the benefits we were entitled to since we are her legal guardians.  Our stress level has gone down a lot” – 55 year old male with family of 3

“I’ve tried other therapists but had trouble really sharing my feelings.  After a few sessions, I realized Judy was the one for me.  She totally got it.  I had difficulty trusting, since my other therapist and I did not connect, so I was skeptical at first.  Over time, I knew working with Judy would help me get my life back on track”. – 66 year old widowed female

“I lost my job and felt very depressed.  I was always able to provide for my family, never asked for any handouts.  Judy made me feel that it was okay to ask for help.  She respected me, listened, and gave me guidance for dealing with my feelings of inadequacy.  I trusted her to tell my problems to” – 44 year old married male

“Judy helped me deal with my mother’s persistent memory loss and educated me about how to change my interaction with Mom.  When I made some simple changes in how I speak to my mother, to understand how she feels in trying to cope with dementia.  Judy’s guidance helped me forge a better relationship with Mom for which I am extremely relieved and grateful” – 55 year old married female, parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

“Our family was having a hard time dealing with Mom’s medical problems and what we thought was her manipulation and not telling us the truth.  Judy helped, along with Mom’s doctors, understand Mom’s medical and psychological challenges.  She also took the time to meet with me, my brother and sister, to normalize our feelings and support each other cope with Mom’s issues of aging and frailty”. – 40 year old female, mother of 3 young children, caregiver of elderly parent with multiple medical problems.

“I came to Judy to get help applying for disability after getting injured in the Marines.  Judy helped me recognize that I was in fact able to perform meaningful work; I just needed some skills training.  She helped me change my thought process and goals which I re-defined and sought vocational training.  I am now ready to begin interviewing and thank Judy for her encouragement.  Judy thought I would be a valuable employee, and now I feel that confidence.” – 37 year old single male

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